Testimonial RUHRPUMPEN

Very good attention and service from Goaltech, they are always aware of the user and seek to support you to solve the problems.

Raimundo Torres – RUHRPUMPEN

Testimonial AT Engine

The original decision to work with Goaltech was made based on formerly cooperation between Altaser and Goaltech. As far as I am aware of, Goaltech had been proven to provide good prices compared to other options. We continue the cooperation still today because Goaltech´s customer service is very good. In my opinion, we always get a professional and full of knowledge answers to our problems. I also like the very realistic and humble, not annoying way of maintaining the business relationship. If we need something we are always attended quickly and with high commitment.

Eva Rohden – AT Engine

Testimonial Bourns

Goaltech is a very professional company, advised us on the topics and how they would invite us… The course met my expectations, each of the days was very complete, there were very good topics, different topics to those I had known and I am satisfied.

Bourns – Ing. Alejandro Villagran

Testimonial ConMed Corporation

Goaltech took on a design project of a new disposable medical device and came up with several concepts for a product in the areas of ergonomics, clinical function, DFM/DFA and low cost. They worked superbly an an extension of my design team and provided great flexibility in terms of meeting end customer’s needs. It’s been a pleasure working with Goaltech!

Mike Lontine – Corporación ConMed

Testimonial Instituto Tecnológico de Chihuahua

Thanks to the support and collaboration of GOALTECH, we can prepare better our students in cutting-edge technologies. The aly with GOALTECH allows us to keep up-to-date on the professional competencies demanded by Industry 4.0, as well as to grow together, enhancing our capabilities.

Instituto Tecnológico de Chihuahua – Arturo Morales

Testimonial ITESM Reverse Engineering Laboratory

Goaltech not only helped us to know new technologies, it has given us the necessary tools so that the student no longer only makes student projects with basic equipment. Now, with Goaltech, we jump to high-end technology teams, which give us a better capacity to make better projects with companies.

ITESM Reverse Engineering Laboratory – Ing. Octavio Lasso

Testimonial Universidad La Salle Chihuahua

Goaltech advised us very well about what equipment to obtain, what printers. We are a university that is constantly growing, so it is very important to have strategic alliances that tell you where the technology is going, what new equipment is coming, what equipment is used to learn or not the students … And that is the relationship that we have obtained with Goaltech.

ULSA Chihuahua – Ing. Alejandra García

Testimonial Universidad Tecnológica de Camargo

We are a young educational center that seeks to position itself alongside the great educational institutions, offering our students the tools that can contribute most in their professional training, as is the case of Solid Edge software using the experience of Goaltech, who has been concerned about supporting us in the training, certification and development of our teachers as well as  in the application of new technologies and the connection with companies that can be the future employers of  the human talent that we form in the UTCam.

Alejandro Moreno  – Universidad Tecnológica de Camargo

Testimonial Xylem

Gracias a las herramDentro de Xylem nos vimWithin Xylem we saw the need to look for a team that would cover needs related to design. We were looking for a supplier that could provide us with a piece of 3D printing equipment and that is how we found Goaltech. The need came from updating the technology we had because it limited us in the areas of product development. The use we give the team is a moderate use and has helped us to test the performance of the pieces, to eliminate unnecessary expenses in the designs, and also in the rapidity of the development process.

Xylem – Ing. Rodolfo Valdez

Testimonial Azlo

Thanks to the tools offered by Goaltech, we were able to optimize our processes and the machinery that we had conventional, we renewed it. We acquire new equipment and through the software is how we program them. This helped us optimize production times, improve the quality of our products and reduce costs.

AZLO – Ing. Miguel Chávez