Most comprehensive reverse-engineering software, combining CAD with 3D scan data.

Your Fastest Path from Scan to CAD

DESIGN X main advantages for your company:

  • Fast and accurate: unlock new ways to accelerate product development for faster time to market, better fit, and longer product life cycles.
  • Powerful and flexible. work seamlessly with any CAD software and create the right model for every project (solids, surfaces, and meshes).
  • Proven and reliable: only software that combines scan processing and CAD plus real-time feedback, supports all major scanners seamlessly. and works like your CAD software.

  • 3D models: Handles large scan data sets (millions of points) faster than any other reverse-engineering software.
  • CAD Connection: connects directly to your existing CAD environment and creates native files that accurately represent a scanned object.
  • design history: transfers 3D parametric models with full design history directly to popular CAD software.

3-10x faster time to CAD

It does what no other software can with its combination of automatic, guided solid model extraction; incredibly accurate, exact surface fitting to organic 3D scans; mesh editing; and point-cloud processing.

Certified Partner

Why with Goaltech

At Goaltech our team of technicians is certified by 3D Systems as an expert in the management of the GEOMAGIC DESIGN X tool and can offer high value services.

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