Geomagic Control X Training

Geomagic Control X

  • Course presentation
User Interface:
  • Mouse controls
  • Toolbars and docks
Scan registration:
  • Manual & global registration
  • Combine points objects
Registering scan data:
  • Filter
  • Manual & global registration
  • Combine points object
  • Select
  • Reduce Noise
  • Uniform Sample
  • Wrap
Polygon objects:
  • Make manifold
  • Mesh doctor
  • Reduce noise & Fill holes
  • Feature properties
  • Sphere, cone, cylinder, plane and circle
Quick Features:
  • Features on a CAD REF object
CAD Features:
  • Create features
  • Additional features
  • Auto create features
  • Best fit alignment
  • Selected best fit alignment
  • Features-based alignment
  • 3D Compare
RPS Alignment:
  • Line/point target features
  • Auto create features
  • RPS Alignment
  • 3D Compare
3D Compare:
  • 3D Compare
  • Edit deviation
  • Import location set data
  • Create annotations
  • Define location set
Boundary comparison
  • Compare boundary
  • Create annotations
GD&T callouts:
  • Create GD&T callouts
  • Evaluate GD&T callouts
Compare features:
  • Compare features
  • Define features tolerances
  • Create feature annotations
2D tools:
  • 2D Compare
  • Create feature annotations
  • Create solution
2D dimensions:
  • Created 2D dimensions
  • Editing
  • Created & using constructions report
  • Create report
Special workflow:
  • Create inspections routines
  • Automation in the process

Team of certified instructors:

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