Metal Casting Materials

From micro-detailed to extra-large, get precision metal parts fast.

100% wax material for high resolution patterns

Our selection of wax and castable plastic materials:

  • Castable Plastic:
  • SLA: Highly accurate, humidity/moisture resistant, antimony-free casting patterns.
  • SLS: Styrene-based, expendable pattern casting material
  • Wax: 100% wax patterns for industrial investment casting. VisiJet M2 ICast (MJP)
  • Accura: High precision, excellent moisture resistance, heavy metal free and ideal for casting patterns for the aerospace industry.

Benefits of Printing With Metal Casting


Reduce weight, improve stiffness-to-weight ratio through topological optimization, hollowing, applying internal lattice structures and/or consolidating assemblies to reduce fasteners.


Additive manufacturing at scale for plastic parts is now a reality, with the productivity, durability, repeatability, and lower total cost of operation manufacturers require

Investment Casting

Accelerate the delivery of high-quality metal products and casting patterns with 3D printed wax and SLA casting patterns.

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