The industry’s most powerful, flexible and innovative product development solution.

Optimizes and Accelerates the Product Development Process

NX CAD  main advantages for your company:

  • MCD Mechatronic Concept Design: get to market faster by reducing development time.
  • Design Interoperability: an efficient ECAD-MCAD collaborative design process.(Simulation-based design, industrial Electrical Design and Routed Systems).
  • Design Validation: allow you to quickly synthesize information to ensure product quality.
  • Writing and documentation: the layout, drawings, annotations and documentation that perfectly adapt to 2D, 2D/3D hybrid and 3D design environments.
  • Workflow-based solutions and Model-based definition: accelerate solutions with cutting-edge product design software.
  • Knowledge reuse: 3D search engine, engineering calculations, NX reuse library.
  • P&ID Design: capture flow and connectivity to drive 3D pipe routing, accelerate design, and reuse data.
  • Product modeling, industrial design and styling: innovative design with the best industrial design software.

Product Design

NX software delivers power, efficiency, and cost savings that extend to all phases of product development.

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Goaltech recognized as 2020 Meso Partner of the Year

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Thanks to our commitment to our clients, Goaltech have been recognized as Smart Expert for our more than 10 years of experience in NX CAD, with a certified team and ability to offer high-value services.

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