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Manufacturing Tools With The Power Of NX CAM

CAM PRO main advantages for your company:

  • Wide range of processes: helps you define and execute traditional and modern processes.
  • Modular and flexible configuration: of programming solutions to maximize the value of your investments in the machines.
  • PMI functionality: data transfer that makes it easier for the NC programmer to design the manufacturing plan.
  • NC Simulation: comprehensive machine simulation for machine motion analysis and clash detection.
  • Easy to use and implement: an intuitive and modern user interface (UI), easy-to-follow tutorials, built-in templates, and wizard guides make Solid Edge CAM Pro remarkably easy to use.

  • Feature-Based Machining: uses a knowledge engine to identify and create NC machining strategies for prismatic features.
  • Works in conjunction with Solid Edge: ensuring efficient and accurate manufacturing processes.
  • 2D Nesting: optimize cutting patterns, saving time and material costs..
  • CNC machining and milling functions: including translators, assembly modeling, model editing, visualization, verification, post processing and shop documentation.

Associativity with Solid Edge

Sending files from Solid Edge Mechanical Design to Solid Edge CAM Pro is a one-button click. Data retains associativity, when changes occur, they can be easily incorporated into the manufacturing plan.

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Goaltech recognized as 2020 Meso Partner of the Year

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Thanks to our commitment to our clients, Goaltech have been recognized as Smart Expert for our more than 10 years of experience in CAM PRO, with a certified team and ability to offer high-value services.

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