Plastic Materials

They can mimic a wide variety of engineering plastics, elastomers and composite materials.

Broader Scope of Engineering Materials

Our selection of plastic materials:

  • Tough – ABS-like: Medium impact strength, medium tensile strength, medium elongation
  • Rigid – Polycarbonate-like, Urethane-like: High tensile strength, good Heat Deflection Temperature/elongation combination
  • Durable – Polypropylene-like: Alta resistencia al impacto, alta elongación
  • Nylon – PA 11, PA 12: Heat resistant, high impact
  • Elastomer / Rubber-like: Mid tear strength production-grade rubber
  • High Temperature: Rigid white material that can be sterilized and tested at high temperature
  • Biocompatible Capable: ISO 10993 and/or USP Class
  • Composite: Dozens of material choices within one part
  • Transparent / Translucent: Transparent, rigid high temperature resistant plastic
  • General Purpose: Strong or flexible and durable material with long-term environmental stability
  • Dental: Highly accurate, high precision material for detailed master prosthodontic and orthodontic models
  • Post-Processing: Post-processing SLA materials

3D Printing Applications for Plastics:


Solutions hat streamline workflow to accelerate digital design, create appearance models and build functional prototypes.


Additive manufacturing at scale for plastic parts is now a reality, with the productivity, durability, repeatability, and lower total cost of operation manufacturers require.

Investment Casting

Accelerate the delivery of high-quality metal products and casting patterns with 3D printed wax and SLA casting patterns.

Jigs and Fixtures

Produce accurate jigs and fixtures with 3D printing to provide a fast and cost-effective way to advance your manufacturing process.

Certified Partner

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At Goaltech our team of technicians is certified by 3D Systems as experts in the handling of Plastic 3D printers and is capable of offering high value services

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