Digitize the manufacture and transformation process of innovative ideas and raw materials into real products.

Digitize Manufacturing. Encourage Innovation

TECNOMATIX main advantages for your company:

  • Digital twins from your production facility: create digital duplicates of cloud-based manufacturing plants with Intosite.
  • Automation systems in a virtual way: virtually test your automation systems before launch.
  • Human-centered design and planning: you can improve the safety, efficiency and convenience of your work environment with Jack and Jill (virtual humans).
  • Robotics and automation: design, simulation and robotic operations of offline programs.
  • Working instructions: integrate electronic work instructions into planning for up-to-date information during production.
  • Assembly Simulation: use virtual assembly simulation for virtual verification of all process details.
  • Production logistics and material flow: simulate flows to improve system performance.Synchronize process design
  • Set up your Digital Factory Layout: design assembly lines, equipment, and tool requirements in a 3D environment.

Digital Manufacturing

With Tecnomatix software, you can synchronize product engineering, manufacturing engineering, production, and service operations to maximize production efficiency and foster innovation.

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