The inspection service is done through the 3D digitization of physical parts with 3D scanning equipment, you compared the results to the CAD model, performing an overlap of the scan and verifying with the color map the discrepancies, even obtaining dimensions and geometric tolerances.

What we offer:

  • We help our clients perform inspection tasks much faster and accurately.
  • We always use high-end technology to ensure quality of service.
  • Highly advanced and specialized Inspection Software
  • As a result we obtain a dimensional report with images and sections of interest.
  • Get valuable data that can be compared with your CAD model..
  • We offer personalized services, adapted to our customer needs.
  • Accuracy in 3D scanning and modeling ensuring the results you need.
  • On-site scanning for large parts or if they are small they can simply be sent
  • Guarantee of experience and quality of our application engineers.


  • Ensure that your customer / supplier specifications are met before production begins.
  • Control and improve your product quality
  • Obtain a cost-effective and sustainable production
  • optimize your manufacturing and production cycles
  • Create inspection reports that define tolerance and dimensions for engineers.

¿Why work with Goaltech?

  • This services is the fastest way to obtain the difference between the production pare and the CAD model. The 3D inspection offer a 3D color map, measures, cross sections, GD&T in order to get a complete report of the part.