Teamcenter Virtual Tour

Introducing the Teamcenter Virtual Tour.

The Virtual Tour is a personalized event for companies that develop products, manufacture and have collaboration between departments, with the intention of demonstrating our digital solution capable of bringing engineering information to all areas that require it in an agile and timely manner.

You and your team will be able to interact with the platform with our implementers to discover the main advantages of our digital collaboration platform with a practical example focused on your industry.

Interested in booking the tour for your team? Enter the following link:

Thank you for joining us for our 1st Goaltech Engineering Week

From Tuesday, August 31 to Thursday, September 2, our 1st Goaltech Engineering Week, North region and Bajio was held. An event made up of 6 conferences on the powerful tools of modern industry.

  1. Current Design Trends – Solid Edge
  2. Minimize the volume of your additive manufacturing models – Solid Edge
  3. Simulation of scenes in a digital plant – Tecnomatix
  4. Importance of stress analysis in your designs – NX CAE
  5. Manual and automatic machining programming – NX CAM
  6. Ergonomic studios with digital characters – Tecnomatix

We are very excited by the excellent response we had from the students and Ambassadors in our first academic week which motivates us to continue holding this type of events with all the engineers of the future.

Thank you for joining us and we’ll see you soon at our next event.

Re-watch our 1st Virtual Symposium: Digital Metrology 4.0

On June 23, our 1st Virtual Symposium on Digital Metrology 4.0 “How to face your inspection challenges” was held. A live event where we had the opportunity to talk with experts in metrology.

We started the event with a panel of experts answering the main questions of the industry, and we continued with 3 conferences by the hand of experts

  1. Optimize fixtures and templates using 3D printing for your ideal measurement.
  2. Addresses New Challenges with Digitalization for Metrology
  3. Synchronize your Quality, Manufacturing and Engineering Teams and Maximize their Value

You can now re-watch the lectures:

Thanks for joining us, see you soon.

Join us in our 1st Virtual Symposium

Digital Metrology 4.0: How to Face Your Inspection Challenges

🗓️ Wednesday, June 23, 2021
🕛10:00 – 13:00 (CT Time Zone)

-Participation of leading brand experts
-4 conferences related to Digital Metrology
-Aimed at engineers and manager of Metrology and Quality
-Includes proof of participation
-Limited space 50 people online *no cost

3D educational workshop: Generative Design and 3D Printing

As part of our participation in the Architecture Dialogues 2021 in Science Week of the Instituto Tecnológico José Mario Molina Pasquel y Henríquez, the workshop “Generative Design and 3D Printing” was held last Tuesday, May 25.

In this workshop we were joined by teachers of the Institute, as well as students of the careers of Industrial Engineering, Architecture, Computer Systems and Agricultural Innovation.

We thank Mr. Juan Jesús Chávez and Mr. Rubén Vargas for the opportunity to talk with students and teachers about Goaltech’s different skills and technologies

Goaltech aims to contribute to the development of clients and partners. Our purpose with the institutions is to support them in all their digitization processes so that they can bring the best tools to their students, with academic packages that are best adapted to achieve their digital transformation.

We hope to continue conducting this type of workshop. If you are interested in our participation in your institution, please send us a message and we will get in touch as soon as possible so that we can continue working together.

Conference: Improve your processes with 3D mold scanning

On May 11th, we had the opportunity to give the conference “Improve your processes with 3D scanning of molds” within the first edition of Border Molding & Tooling Week organized by Clúster Internacional de Moldes, Troqueles y Herramentales.

Specialists Manuel Gutierrez and Rocío Castro discussed 3D technology issues and molding processes, as well as the portable and accurate 3D scanner leader in metrology: HandySCAN 3D.

We thank the organizers and all the attendees.

Goaltech aims to assist in the development of customers and allies. Our purpose with companies is to support all their digitization processes so that they can lead their teams to the best tools that best suit their digital transformation.