Teamcenter is a modern and adaptable product lifecycle Management system (PLM) that connects people and processes of all functional silos with a digital thread for innovation. The unprecedented breadth and depth of Teamcenter’s portfolio implies that it can solve some of the most complex challenges needed to develop successful products. From the user interface of Teamcenter, easy to use and intuitive, the staff of the company can participate in the process of development of the product more easily than ever.

Bill of Materials Management

Teamcenter helps you to know the product thanks to a common source of information on the list of materials throughout the company. This solution can help you meet and even exceed market demand with innovative and varied product offerings.

Change Management and Workflow

With Teamcenter, you can reduce manual efforts and the cost of managing any PLM process. From the coordination of changes in the different disciplines, to the execution of a simple revision of the design or the determination of a response to a quality problem. Assign correct tasks, with the right data, to make accurate decisions at the right time.

Document and publication management

Teamcenter provides documentation tools to help teams create specifications, analysis reports, 2D/3D illustrations, spreadsheets, test results, and technical publications.  With Teamcenter, you can maintain product design and documentation coordinated with product changes to reduce development time and costs, while gaining accuracy and effectiveness in documents.

Electrical Design Management

With the management of Teamcenter’s electrical CAD, it can automate the processes of engineering, validation and authorisation changes with the aim of reducing the cycle time and improving the quality of the product. Collaborate with design data, reviews, and product configurations at any location and in the extended supply chains.

Environmental Compliance and product sustainability

Teamcenter offers environmental compliance and product sustainability solutions to help you control and track product material up to the substance level. It may limit the use of hazardous substances in products, as well as reduce the risk of non-compliance (REACH, RoHS, conflicting minerals, etc.).

Process management and manufacturing data

Define a single source of product and process knowledge to reuse best practices and manage resources for continuous improvement. Collaborate in an immediate and safe way during the product design and planning of the production operations process and parts assembly.

Material data and life cycle management

In this age of materials-based product design, Teamcenter’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can help you manage the lifecycle of all materials used in products so your company can create innovative products and Sustainable. You can add materials and substances in product definitions and classify products for compliance with environmental regulations.

Mechanical Design Management

With Teamcenter’s design management, you can automate the processes of engineering, validation and authorization changes with the aim of reducing cycle time and improving product quality. Collaborate with design data, reviews, and product configurations at any location and in the extended supply chains.

Model-based Systems engineering

With SDPD, Teamcenter understands how the entire process fits, so that domain-specific decisions are always taken in the light of an overview.  The SDPD enables the process of further development/delivery for continuous engineering throughout the product lifecycle.

Product settings

With the configuration of PLM products, you can meet the demand for more advanced and varied product offerings, without increasing costs. Take advantage of Teamcenter’s product configuration structure to provide a common definition of variability throughout the life cycle.

Product cost Management

Teamcenter offers support for a cost and value engineering approach in the early stages of the development process, providing maximum transparency in product and tool costs. This approach is a quantifiable basis for decision-making on products with optimized costs.

Engineering Product Requirements

Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management® records requirements and assigns them to different features/features/later product architectures, all while generating reports, documentation, and dashboards to manage the process of the requirements. You can create, view, and edit requirements directly from the usual Microsoft® Office applications, such as Microsoft Word and Excel®.

Program Planning and Project execution

With Teamcenter’s Program Management Solutions®, you can develop complex products by integrating planning and execution into a single system. This integrated approach allows teams dependent on different disciplines to collaborate and communicate key information effectively, ultimately resulting in a reduction in market-time.

Search & Analytics

Teamcenter allows you to find more quickly what you need, shows you an overview and analyzes the results of the search. With highly intuitive search functions, Teamcenter presents visually the results of the search in logical groups, with a simple breakdown of the structures and the relationships of the products that allows to quickly find what is being sought.

Simulation Management

The simulation management allows to obtain the control of the data and the simulation processes to avoid habitual problems like the use of obsolete data in the analyses, the lack of visibility in the results of the simulation or that the results arrive too Late to influence the direction of design. Efficiently manage and share complex simulations with all decision makers, aiming to ensure that the product is properly designed the first time.

Software design and Asset Management

Siemens PLM software provides software design management by integrating application lifecycle engineering data and processes (ALM) with other tools, data and product lifecycle Management (PLM) processes. Leveraging a multi-domain integration framework, the integration of Teamcenter for PLM and Polarion for ALM enables seamless interoperability of tools, data, and processes.

The integration of supply and suppliers

Teamcenter® PLM Software offers a holistic approach to managing vendor interactions. You can coordinate processes and manage information, both internally and externally, at all stages of the product lifecycle. It can encourage providers ‘ early involvement in product development and provide the visibility of accurate supplier information in the departments.

Optimize service operations

Leverage engineering and manufacturing product knowledge reuse to improve service planning and execution. Provide feedback to engineering to improve product designs for service capacity and reliability. Communicate and coordinate operational activities for greater compliance, faster service and lower costs.

Visualization, digital model and virtual reality

Teamcenter optimizes the engineering and manufacturing processes by creating virtual prototypes from various computer aided design formats (MCAD) that can be used in place of the physical prototypes, which have a high cost, to To carry out more specialized studies such as ergonomic studies and trajectory planning.

The PLM Foundation adaptable

An Adaptive Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) base can help you respond quickly to changing business or market disruptions. Business-wide collaboration is easy when PLM is accessible from a Web browser, on any device, and within the design tools and Office applications that people use every day.