Simulation FEA

SIMULATION (FEA) FEA is the practical application of finite element method, which can be used in the design of new products, or refine an existing product, to ensure that the … Read more


PROJECTS Goaltech’s commitment is to have comprehensive solutions that are tailored to the various engineering and manufacturing processes of our customers; to maximize your creativity, productivity, profitability and markets. What … Read more

CNC Programming

CNC PROGRAMMING With the use of CAM applications (Computer Aided Manufacturing) instructions and a properly defined manufacturing plan can be created that generating the expected production results. What we offer: … Read more

3D Printing

3D PRINTING With the aim of reducing costs by design errors, Goaltech offers services of high quality prototype to validate the functionality of your designs. Using different methods and 3D … Read more

3D Scan

3D SCANS We can scan from the smallest component like mold inserts or jewelry to big pieces of mining or aerospace industry and everything in between. We adapt to our … Read more

CAD Design

CAD DESIGN Goaltech has powerful tools such as -NX CAD, Solid Edge and more. – To create your engineering designs, no matter how complex. What we offer: Paper to CAD … Read more