Simulation FEA


FEA is the practical application of finite element method, which can be used in the design of new products, or refine an existing product, to ensure that the design is able to perform the specifications prior to manufacturing.

What we offer:

  • We provide mechanical test planning and procedure preparation
  • Knowledge and experience in simulations
  • We support the development cycle from preliminary concept validation to detailed finite-element-based design and simulation.
  • We get the results and approach a real result of mechanical behavior.
  • Software customization and development services.
  • Analysis of manufacturing processes.
  • Designs can be evaluated under multiple operating conditions
  • Guarantee of experience and quality of our application engineers


  • Reduce destructive testing costs
  • Shorten product development cycles
  • Improving product performance and quality
  • Savings in material, time and money
  • Build trust among your customers about the performance and durability of your products.

Why with Goaltech?

  • Our staff is qualified to provide the verification and validation of its components through FEA (finite element analysis), simulating their environment and working conditions.

We offer knowledge and experience in thermal, flow and structural simulation.

Flow Analysis: Goaltech improve design performance by simulating and visualizing fluid flow phenomena using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

  • Internal and external flow
  • High speed, compressible flow and rotational flow

Thermal Analysis: Accurately simulate thermal effects and help define appropriate cooling strategies within product constraints.

  • Multi-layered and orthotropic conduction, convection and radiation
  • Heat dissipation under a wide range of operating conditions, including phase change, solar and environmental heat sources

Structural Analysis: Apply our experience with Nastran, NX and Femap to model and analyze detailed mechanical designs.

  • Geometric and material nonlinearities, including contact and plasticity
  • Frequency and time dependent simulation including random and harmonic base excitation

Dynamics Analysis: validate your mechanical design with our experience with vibration, shock, and advanced dynamics simulation



Goaltech’s commitment is to have comprehensive solutions that are tailored to the various engineering and manufacturing processes of our customers; to maximize your creativity, productivity, profitability and markets.

What we offer:

  • SOFTWARE: CAD, CAM, CAE, Reverse Engineering and Inspection
  • ESCANER 3D: White Light, Light & Blue LED, Laser and CMM
  • 3D PRINTERS: SLS (Selective Laser Sintering), SLA Stereolithography, DMP (Direct Metal Printing), FDM (Fused deposition modeling), MJP (MultiJet Printing) and CJP (Color Jet Priniting).

Goaltech seeks to be a comprehensive 3D provider and offer the complete suite of solutions your business needs not only at an excellent cost, and with the best technology but with solutions that work together, synchronized and intelligently to make operations more efficient and rapidly expand the market.

Our goal is to provide the best advice to our clients to invest in the solutions that best suits their needs.

how we do it:

  • We understand and analyze the needs of our customers with the best personalized attention.
  • With our variety of solutions we determine the best technology that can help in your current need.
  • We establish a relationship with our customers ranging from the discovery stage to the correct implementation of the solution on your premises.
  • Our goal is to have a long-term relationship with our customers based on trust, always seeking the optimization of their processes with the integration of our solutions.

why work with Goaltech?

  • Our main competitive advantage is that we offer a wide variety of completely integral solutions to carry out complete projects with us. We support the entire implementation stage of the project by applying our experience and knowledge to integrate the best solutions with the aim of generating the best value proposition

CNC Programming


With the use of CAM applications (Computer Aided Manufacturing) instructions and a properly defined manufacturing plan can be created that generating the expected production results.

What we offer:

  • Programming with NX CAM / CAM Pro: Program generation and machining simulation for milling machines, lathes and EDM, as well as performing post-processors for CNC machines.
  • G and M code creation.
  • Personalized Postprocessor: Our technical specialists know that each control requires a specific programming, we adapt them to the needs of your company.
  • Machining simulation
  • We use the most complete CAM software NX, which offers fast programming, to get the most of your machines.
  • Guarantee of experience and quality of our application engineers.


  • Define and execute a wide range of new and traditional processes.
  • Optimize your machining processes
  • Implement the machining in a quick and easy way
  • Program in an intuitive way.

Why With Goaltech?

  • Goaltech has experience and the the best CAM software – NX CAM and CAM Pro- so our customers do not have to worry anymore about programming their equipments manually.

3D Printing


With the aim of reducing costs by design errors, Goaltech offers services of high quality prototype to validate the functionality of your designs. Using different methods and 3D printing technologies such as SLA, SLS, MPJ, FDM etc. We print the design, depending on the needs of the client.

What we offer:

  • We provide a wide range of materials for customers in various industries
  • If you have an existing design, we can use 3D printing technologies to manufacture your part
  • Quality, variety in materials and experience.
  • We deliver a precise and durable prototype of your component
  • With our experience we can help you market your products faster
  • We can perform this service using any CAD or drawing information available


  • We manufacture fast prototypes through different 3D printing equipment; desktop, professional and production.

¿Why work with goaltech?

  • Goaltech has the main technologies for 3D printing services, ranging from rapid filament prototypes to functional parts with professional materials.

FDMABS, PLA, Nylon, Water Soluble, Wood y Flex
SLA/MJPPolypropylene-like – Flexible, accurate, aesthetics.
ABS-like – Simulates and replaces CNC-machined, Rigid, accurate plastic, aesthetics.
Tough and Durable – Simulates and replaces CNC-machined, ultra-tough.
Transparent – Temperature and moisture resistant, Highly accurate.
High Temperature – Thermally resistant plastic, for high clarity parts
Composite – Ceramic reinforced composite, high abrasion resistance.
General Purpose – Metallic appearance, simulates and replaces CNC-machined, ultra-tough, flexible, aesthetics.
Bio-compatible – Translucent plastic
Elastomers – Elastomeric translucent and color.
Wax Materials – Durable, 100% wax for high resolution casting patterns
CJPFull-color (CMYK)
DMPTitanium Alloys – High strength, low weight and excellent biocompatibility.
Stainless Steel Alloys – For parts with excellent hardness, high ductility and corrosion resistance.
Martensitic Steel Alloys – Direct tools of production parts, molds and high performance parts that require strength and hardness.
Cobalt Chromium Alloy – For Industrial and Dental Use
Aluminum Alloys – Potential to reduce weight on printed parts.
Super Nickel Alloy – Complex parts, usually including high temperature and force fluid flow applications.
DLPRigid materials
Durable materials
High temperature materials
Casting Materials/Moulds
SLSNylon/PA 12
Nylons Filled/PA
Nylon/PA 11
Elastomeric thermoplastic
Castable polystyrene
SOFT TOOLINGProduction of composite materials at lower cost.

3D Scan


We can scan from the smallest component like mold inserts or jewelry to big pieces of mining or aerospace industry and everything in between. We adapt to our customer needs, delivering a file that meet their exact requirements, .stl, .igs, .stp or dimensional reports.

What We Offer:

  • Goaltech offers accuracy from 0.030 mm (0.001″) to 0.1 mm (0.004″) depending of the manufacturing process needs

Type of industries:

  • Goaltech has experience working with main industries such as:
    • Aerospace – Metalworking    –  Mining
    • Automotive – Mold Plastic      –  Foundry


  • With our different technologies; 3D laser, blue light, blue LED and white light, we offer our customers the possibility of obtaining a digital file with accuracy in order to meet the manufacturing needs.

Space arm0.035mmLaser and touch probe0 – 1.8 mts – 0.001”
Artec eva0.1 mmWhite light / medical0,4 – 1 mts
Artec spider0.05 mmLED light0,2 – 0,3 mts
Geomagic capture0.06 mmBlue light0 – 0.5 mts -0.002”

CAD Design


Goaltech has powerful tools such as -NX CAD, Solid Edge and more. – To create your engineering designs, no matter how complex.

What we offer:

  • Paper to CAD Conversion / 2D to 3D
  • Assembly drawings and bill of materials
  • Models and sheet metal assemblies
  • Plan digitization
  • Drafting
  • Welding simulation components
  • Simulation and manufacturing CNC programming
  • 3D parametric modeling


  • Modernize your engineering information
  • Optimize design and work processes
  • Reduce time and effort
  • Minimize product development costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve product quality
  • Launch products in less time

Why With Goaltech?

  • Thanks to the versatility and variety of our products, we can import and export CAD data between different software, reducing the time, effort and risk required to reuse information from other systems.

We have the experience and solutions to meet all your conversion needs. 

CAD data migration: With our expertise and solutions, we migrated your models of versions prior to new editions and convert your obsolete CAD data in new technologies. Modernizing your engineering information from old manuals to new digital technologies in CAD formats.

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Work Instructions: We are aware that the engineering time is valuable and the impact of this time in the development of new projects, therefore we help our customers to use that knowledge in high-value activities while we take care of the development of manuals and work instructions based on 3D drawings, either for internal training or work processes.

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Guarantee of experience and quality of our application engineers.