FEMAP (CAE) Training

FEMAP Essentials

FEMAP Essentials:

FEMAP Essentials


  • Software / Version: NX 1926
  • Language: Material English/ Course Spanish
  • User Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Training Center duration: 3 Days

Our FEMAP course provides a comprehensive introduction to FEMAP. Starting with the basics – the user interface, modelling process, geometry creation and editing, the course moves into a detailed look at mesh creation, editing and boundary conditions. The final part of the course deals with results display, visualisation and plotting.


  • The FEMAP 101 is aimed at new or inexperienced users of FEMAP.
  • The course starts with the basics and progresses into more advanced topics.


  • FEA Modelling Process in FEMAP
  • 2D/3D Geometry Creation and Editing
  • Mid-surfacing
  • Materials/Properties
  • Meshing Overview
  • Beam/Solid/Surface Meshing
  • Meshing Toolbox
  • Constraints and Loads (Boundary Conditions)
  • Display and Visualisation
  • Analysis and Results Management
  • Post-processing Toolbox
  • Deformed/Contour/Freebody Display
  • XY Plotting

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