With Simcenter accelerate the simulation process by combining multidisciplinary solutions with extensive experience.

Simcenter: Predict the Performance of Your Designs with 3D Geometry

SIMCENTER main advantages for your company:

  • Simulation Software: With Simcenter unified, scalable, open, and scalable environment for 3D CAE with connections to design, 1D simulation, testing, and data management.
  • Optimization and Pre/Postprocessing: Simcenter reduces the time you spend preparing analysis models and invest it in evaluating results.
  • Composite & Meshing: simulates the behavior of layered composite analysis structures and their progressive degradation. Mesh your models using a broad modeling feature.
  • Dynamic simulation and Motion: 50 years of experience to give you the ability to efficiently understand and avoid excessive vibrations and stresses and understand the functional behavior of assemblies and mechanisms.

  • Multiphysical and Durability Simulation: predicts the physical performance of the product and fatigue resistance quickly and accurately taking into account realistic load conditions.
  • Structural and Thermal simulation: Simcenter accurately simulate a wide range of structural problems. Ensure thermal performance for optimal performance.
  • Electromagnetic and Fluid Dynamics simulation: accurate low and high frequency electromagnetic simulations. Predicts real-world performance using CFD-centric multiphysics with Simcenter.
  • Simulation of aerostructures and Acoustic: minimize noise and optimize sound quality. simplification of the structural evaluation and sizing process from start to finish.

Automation and scalability of simulation:

Capture repetitive CAE processes, standardize them, and then automate them. Simcenter allows you to capture the senior analyst experience and make it available to junior engineers.(autonomous or integrated with NX).

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