Industry-leading 3D metrology software that makes it easy to capture and interpret scan data.

3D Inspection And Metrology Software

CONTROL X main advantages for your company:

  • Fast and easy to use: handle huge data sets quickly and easily with scan-native algorithms built on a CAD kernel.
  • Complete solution: get all the tools you need for professional-level inspection, work with any 3D scanner or PCMM arm.
  • Manufacturing workflow: includes features to help you ensure quality for each stage of your manufacturing workflow including designing, manufacturing, inspecting, and maintaining.

  • Gain deeper insights: scan parts to capture more information and leverage rich data to understand why parts are in or out of tolerance.
  • Optimize manufacturing processes: recognize and address issues faster with insights gained from comparing scanned parts to CAD models or golden parts.
  • Ensure quality everywhere: bring the power of 3D scan-based inspection with software that makes it easy to both capture and interpret scan data.


Geomagic Control X empowers everyone to measure, understand, and make decisions about their parts faster, more often, and more completely. 7x faster than CMM, 80% lower inspection costs.

Certified Partner

Why with Goaltech

At Goaltech our team of technicians is certified by 3D Systems as an expert in the management of the GEOMAGIC CONTROL X tool and can offer high value services.


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