With NX CAM maximize return on investment in the latest machine tool technology.

NX CAM: Digitally Transform Parts Production

NX CAM main advantages for your company:

  • CAM Software: With NX CAM you can optimize and automate NC programming by reducing cycle time. From 2.5-axis machining and mold manufacturing to simultaneous 5-axis milling and high-volume production.
  • 3D Models for Programming (NC): you can quickly repair 3D models, verify manufacturing capacity, and improve data quality with complete design tools.
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing: NX CAM offers all the necessary functionalities, from design to printing to post-printing validation, in a single integrated system.
  • Part Quality Control: by integrating CMM inspection scheduling, production plant execution, and measurement data analysis, you can establish an efficient data-driven quality control process.
  • Tool design: automate the entire tool development process, including part design, tool assembly layout, and validation.
  • Robotic Automation: With NX CAM automate production and increase flexibility with robotics.

NX for Manufacturing

Program CNC machine tools, control robotic cells, manage 3D printers and monitor quality through a single software system.Create highly accurate parts with digitization.

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