Success in production depends on the quality and thoroughness of your manufacturing plan. As you define the manufacturing plan and take it to the shop floor for execution, Siemens supports you with a complete set of manufacturing solutions, from computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and tooling design software to machine tool controllers.



·  Integrated Software Applications and Equipment
·  Reduce NC Programming and Machining Time
·  Data and Process Management
·  Improve Surface Finish, Accuracy and Part Quality
·  Connect Planning to Production
·  Reduce Production Time and Errors
·  Increase the Success Rate of New Machine Deployment
·  Maximize Use of Manufacturing Resources


  • NX CAM Software

NX provides complete computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software solutions for machine tool programming, post processing and machining simulation. NX CAM software’s advanced functions in each of its modules can maximize returns on your investments in the latest machine tool technology.

– Advanced Programming Capabilities

– Programming Automation

– Post processing and Simulation

– Integrated Solution

– Programming Productivity

– Hybrid Additive Manufacturing

– Robotics Programming

– Solution Connectivity

  • Tooling and Fixture Design

NX streamlines the entire tool development process including part design, tool assembly layout, and detailed tooling design and validation. Using NX’s advanced functionality, step-by-step guidance and associativity with part designs, you can work with even the most challenging tooling and fixture designs.

– NX Mold Design

– NX Progressive Die Design

– NX Stamping Die Design

– NX Electrode Design

– NX for Jig and Fixture Design

– Solution Connectivity

  • Part Model Preparation

You can easily modify the CAD model regardless of who created the original or how it was created.

You can also model new parts, design fixtures and create setup drawings with the CAD capabilities that are available in NX CAM. The integrated CAD and CAM capabilities in NX enable the 3D model to move seamlessly between the applications without data translation.

– 3D Part Model Preparation

– Master Model Concept

– Product Manufacturing Information (PMI)

– Modeling, Assemblies and Drafting

– Solution Connectivity

  • Data and Process Management

Teamcenter provides centralized data and process management that enables manufacturing engineering and production teams to work together using a single source of information. Connecting the NX manufacturing applications to a centralized database establishes a basis for an extended part manufacturing solution.

– Single Source of Product and Process Knowledge

– Instant Collaboration

– Connect Planning to Production

  • CMM Programming

NX enables you to generate complete machine inspection programs for coordinate-measuring machines (CMM). NX CMM Inspection Programming reduces programming time, frees-up expensive CMM machine resources and ensures fast responses to design changes.

– Automated CMM Programming

– Post processing and Simulation

– Integrated Solution

– Solution Connectivity

  • Process Planning

Part Planner enables manufacturing engineers, NC programmers, tool designers and managers to work together to define manufacturing process plans. By keeping the plan and related data linked together in a PLM environment driven by Teamcenter software, you are assured that the right people use the right data at the time it’s needed.

– Define the Manufacturing Process Plan

– Coordinate the Planning Process

– Connect Manufacturing Plans to Production

– Solution Connectivity

  • Manufacturing Resource Library

The Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL) is a Teamcenter application that provides classification and data management for manufacturing engineering resources. A typical use is as an advanced tool library where tool component and assembly data can be managed. The Manufacturing Resource Library provides powerful search, view and retrieval capabilities across a full classification system. NX CAM users have direct access to the library for tools, fixtures, templates and more.

– Full Classification Database

– Extensive Tool Library Content

– Import Data from Tool Vendor Catalogs

– Directly Accessible from NX CAM

– Synchronize Planning and Shop Floor Resources

– Solution Connectivity

  • Shop Floor Program Validation

Siemens Virtual Machine is advanced machining simulation software that provides a virtual environment to validate CNC programs. Virtual Machine is just like a second version of your machine tool that is available at any time for testing and pre-machining setup preparation. It is also an ideal environment for NC operator training.

– Validate the NC Programs on a Virtual Machine Tool

– PC-Based Machine Tool Setup

– Partner Development Kit

– Solution Connectivity

  • Cutting Tool Management

Manage My Tools provides a complete overview of all existing and required tools at any time, including actual tool data on machine tools and tool magazines, their location and remaining tool life.

– Monitor Tools

– Plan Tool Utilization

– Scalable Solution

– Solution Connectivity

  • Shop Floor Data Access

NX and Teamcenter applications can provide your shop floor staff with access to the single source of product and process information. Designated users and groups can search, view, and comment on manufacturing data within Teamcenter.

– A Single Source of Plan Data

– Scalable for a Range of Shop Floor Roles and Functions

– Visualization Capabilities

– Solution Connectivity

  • Shop Floor Quality Inspection

NX CMM Inspection Programming allows you to generate quality inspection program, typically in DMIS format. Although coordinate-measuring machines (CMMs) might come with their own software to run these inspection programs, Siemens also offers Tecnomatix CMM Inspection Execution software to retrieve and execute inspection program to run CMMs.

– Tecnomatix CMM Inspection Execution

  • Direct Numerical Control

Siemens offers advanced technology for connecting manufacturing planning and production environments. You can deliver manufacturing planning data directly to the machine tools by using the Siemens Direct Numerical Control (DNC) solutions.

– Stand-Alone Direct Numerical Control

– PLM-Driven Direct Numerical Control

– Solution Connectivity

  • Machine Tool Control

The computer numerical control (CNC) machine tool is the key component of the part manufacturing process. When the right manufacturing software is matched with the latest CNC controllers and machine tools, you can implement a process chain that delivers maximum performance for your business.

– Siemens Sinumerik Controllers

– Driving Advanced Options on Sinumerik Controllers

– Working with Other Brands of Controllers

– Solution Connectivity