HandySCAN 3D/MAX Series


The perfect marriage of accuracy, versatility and portability

The new HandySCAN 3D/MAX series has arrived at Goaltech, which maintains the benefits of portability, accuracy, speed and simplicity inherent in the HandySCAN 3D line, but adds an optimization for acquiring high-precision 3D measurements on large and complex parts typically found in the aerospace, transportation, energy, mining and heavy industry sectors.
This new series is focused on capturing both fine details and scanning large volumes, allowing professionals to measure large parts and assemblies in a simpler scanning process, resulting in high-quality 3D scans in just a matter of minutes.


MAX Series enhancements:

  • Thanks to its 38 laser lines and large scanning area, it can measure parts up to 15 m (50 ft) quickly and easily, providing metrology-grade results in a matter of minutes.
  • Una vez que se ha creado un Programa maestro de producción (MPS) inicial, los datos se pueden mostrar como gráficos de perfil de stock y gráficos de uso de capacidad.
  • In a “make-to-order” environment, the stock levels of finished and/or intermediate items will not be part of the key parameters, but there will still be a need to assess the effects of changes in future demand on the manufacturing process.
  • Using dynamic referencing and volumetric accuracy optimization, this 3D measurement solution is designed for harsh environments and offers high accuracy in large measurements, regardless of the user’s level of experience.
  • Know the energy consumption of the different production assets of your company using dashboards and visualization tools, detect anomalies or corrective actions to reduce your energy costs by up to 12%, be it electricity, gas, compressed air or any other.
  • Monitor real-time data, analyze key indicators and performance metrics, predict when an asset or part needs service to maximize asset availability and reduce costs.

Tecnología patentada:

Rápido y versátil, además es fácil de usar y genera resultados altamente precisos y repetitivos, incluso en entornos difíciles y con superficies complejas.


HandySCAN MAX™      

HandySCAN MAX™|Elite

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Goaltech team of technicians is in the process of being certified by CREAFORM as experts in the use and handling of the HANDYSCAN 3D scanner to offer high value services.

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