The collaboration between Tecnológico de Monterrey in the Mexico City region and Siemens has resulted in the certification of students

Tecnológico de Monterrey in its Mexico City and Santa Fe campuses has introduced the Mendix Rapid Developer certification for students of the School of Engineering and Sciences. This certification, carried out in collaboration with Siemens, is unique in the country and has been awarded to students in the Cyber-Physical Systems concentration in Mexico City and the Cybersecurity concentration in Santa Fe. According to Softserve, 77% of organizations currently use low-code platforms, and Mendix is one of the most popular and highest rated globally. David Navarro, professor at the School of Engineering and Science in Mexico City, emphasizes that this certification has professional recognition and seeks to boost students’ career paths.

“Technology is advancing day by day, so it is a priority to receive certifications of this type.”

“This certification helps future engineers to boost their careers, to be more visible in the labor market and develops skills for the implementation of emerging technologies such as design and web applications.

“For engineering students it is important to be constantly updated, since technology advances day by day, so it is a priority to receive certifications of this type,” he emphasizes.

So far, the certification will continue to be offered at the Santa Fe and Mexico City campuses.

However, Professor David Navarro comments that this certification is the beginning of more collaborations.

“It is expected that more companies will seek to collaborate with us, to be able to offer different certifications and in other Tec campuses outside the Mexico City region”.

The Mendix Rapid Developer certification covers the configuration of projects in Mendix and the creation of applications with pages, as well as the deployment of these applications in the cloud.

This level of certification validates that the person has the necessary knowledge to effectively use the Mendix platform and can develop prototypes autonomously. Mendix is a low-code application creation platform used in various industries, such as industrial, pharmaceutical, banking and manufacturing, to address specific problems and improve efficiency. At the same time, this certification strengthens problem-solving skills, improves understanding of software development processes and encourages systematic thinking.