A few weeks ago, an important collaboration agreement was signed with Siemens with the company Emuge Franken, a world leader in the manufacture of tools used for mass production.

Through this collaboration, the promotion and development of opportunities in Siemens NX CAD CAM, Solid Edge, and CamPro products are sought in EMUGE clients, in turn strengthening the capacities in the use and understanding of CNC machining strategies using EMUGE cutting tools and programming and design software NX or Campro, in order to consolidate the best use of this type of tools for clients and future clients.

Among the most important points of the agreement, EMUGE promised to assign a duly qualified programming resource from NX CAM and CamPro, accompanied by the development of a promotion plan focused on holding events and workshops in conjunction with Goaltech and Siemens where show the use and benefits of the tools.

On behalf of Goaltech, being aware that the use of high-performance software tools such as NX CAD, CAM and CamPro entails a high level of experience and knowledge, it will provide technical information to the extent of Goaltech’s capabilities to support learning and improvement. of skills in the use of the tools by the EMUGE team to carry out commercial talks, demonstrations, etc.

Among the highlights Wolfgang Hellnick Managing Director of Emuge Franken commented Siemens NX CAM is something we see everywhere all the time, and it makes a big difference for us to be available to have the software, so we can use what customers already have. used to or what they like to wear”.

Thanks to the Emuge Franken company for becoming our new allies, we are sure that this alliance is a great opportunity for all those new companies that want to continue transforming with the best technology.