SLA 7000

ProJet 7000 HD


Easy-to-use, Stereolithography printer for unrivaled accuracy, surface finish and a broad choice of materials that match or exceed traditional plastic properties.

ProJet 7000 HD printers build on the unrivaled advantages of Stereolithography allowing for single large-sized or series of smaller-sized prototypes and end-use parts up to 15 x 15 x 10 in (380 x 380 x 250 mm) in size. Print with fine feature detail in a wide choice of VisiJet® performance engineered materials that match or exceed traditional plastic properties.

  • Integrated, reliable and proven

The ProJet 7000 HD from 3D Systems gives you one point of contact to support your applications and daily use of our gold standard technology. Our SLA printers have high uptime numbers. The broad spectrum of VisiJet SL materials is developed on 3D Systems SLA printers. Customized to our specific print engine, the VisiJet SL materials generate the consistency and mechanical properties required of each material. Our highly intuitive software smoothly guides the user through the entire print process.

  • Consistently accurate parts with fine features

Parts are accurate (+/-45 μm) throughout the entire build platform, print after print, machine after machine.  Features are reproducible down to 0.050mm or 0.002 in – depending on geometry, orientation and build mode. Only 3D Systems Stereolithography printers meet or exceed standard tolerances for injection-molded plastics with the broadest range of applications.




–          Master patterns for vacuum casting
–          Lost patterns for metal casting
–          Complex assemblies
–          Wind tunnel models
–          Enhanced fluid flow
–          Mass customization (orthodontic, dental)
–          Assembly jigs and fixtures
–          Stereolithography technology (SLA)
–          Max build envelope capacity
–          (W x D x H): 15 x 15 x 10 in
–          (380 x 380 x 250 mm)
–          Highest precision and accuracy meets or exceeds injection molding accuracy, rivals CNC
–          Exchangeable Material Delivery Modules (MDMs)
–          Up to 4+ times faster than competitive 3D printers
–          2.5 times higher resolution than competitive 3D printers
–          True line drawing in X and Y to accurately define curves
–          All-in-one intuitive software for part setup and production
–          Multiple printers in one – quick and easy material changeover
–          Single source solution (for printers, materials and software)
–          Ease of use – intuitive workflow
–          Meets or exceeds injection molding accuracy, rivals CNC
–          Low material waste
–          Protection of intellectual property by keeping CAD data in house
–          Broad application flexibility
–          Finest feature detail on parts of any size

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