Goaltech in academic institutions

In Goaltech we have distinguished ourselves by supporting various educational institutions. Throughout the year we have participated in different schools in their academic weeks and congresses, conferences and workshops given by the team Goaltech, in order that their students know the different tools, processes and technologies used by industries today . Here are photos and a brief description of what was seen in each event.

  •  Semana de Ingeniería del ITCH – Febrero 2015

We support  Instituto Tecnológico de Chihuahua  giving a workshop of Tecnomatix to engineering students, in order that they know and use the most comprehensive digital manufacturing software industry.

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  • Semana Académica ITCH – Marzo 2015

We participated in the Academic Week in the  Instituto Tecnológico de Chihuahua with a conference called “reverse engineering” to students of Mechanical Engineering, with a  demonstration of our Arec EVA 3D scanner and  reverse engineering software Desing X.

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  • Semana de Ingeniería Tec Milenio Campus Cd. Juárez – Abril 2015

We participated for the first time with an institution in Cd. Juarez, giving a talk and demonstration of the capabilities of Solid Edge design software and a brief presentation of the  Cube 3 3D Printer and scanner Arec EVA.

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  • Semana de Ingeniería UPBC – Abril 2015

we present for the first time in the Universidad Politécnica de Baja California with a conference called “3D Technology”, where a demonstration of the Blue Light scanner Geomagic Capture and its various applications.


  • Congreso de la facultad de Medicina y Ciencias biomédicas de la  UACH – Mayo 2015

We support the Faculty of Medicine at the Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua with a conference callled”3D technologies applied to bioengineering”, where our White Light scanner ideal for such applications Arec EVA was presented.

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  • Jornadas Académicas 2015, XV Aniversario de la UTCH – Mayo 2015

We were involved in the academic Sessions with two conference in different days, the first day we present the conference “3D Technology” with a demonstration of the scanner Arec EVA   and Desing X software,  the second day we present the conference “Digital Manufacturing  and Design ” whith Solid Edge  and Tecnomatix software.

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