A reality, speeding up industrial processes

The cycle is already generated from design, production to manufacturing and feedback.

El Heraldo de Chihuahua

29 Feb 2020



The technological acceleration of industrial processes has been a reality in the state of Chihuahua for 10 years thanks to the work of the local company GoalTech in the design, production and feedback of the creation of products in various companies.

Chihuahua is one of the regions where it is most encouraging to try to implement digital strategies, according to Aarón González, CEO of GoalTech, and being a mainly manufacturing entity still a long way to go.

“With all the platforms that there are already start to integrate all the information of a product… we’re starting to generate the whole cycle, from design, production, manufacturing and feedback back to engineering, we’re now migrating our company a little bit to being a digital transformation company,” he said.

He stated that it is a broad implementation of a digital technology that follows the new trend of communicating and generating all the “digital twins” of what happens in the real process to achieve efficiency and speeding up the work.

“We have customers who might just need to reproduce a number of pieces, like plastic molds that were made 20 years ago when digital was not

GENERATION what’s important and now they have to migrate and that’s what they help and then integrate the technologies,” he concluded.


Siemens Digital Industries Software presented its work model through a conference given to entrepreneurs at pit3’s facilities, where it seeks to have engineering companies in Chihuahua conduct an information network through the digitization of their work processes.

Germán Esparza, a sales executive partner in Siemens Digital Industries Software division, explained that this event was held in order to “present to the regional industry the strategy for digitization and business collaboration”.

“Through Siemens tools, networks and information are generated, which are applied to unite a network of engineering information for different projects during the product development cycle,” said the partner sales executive.

It notes that this system generates a Big Data, which stores its contents thanks to the various processes that are carried out, and generates a database of the actions and results that the work yields within the company.

“The process is simple, all the information that is generated is taken, and it is shared with the rest of the departments, and in turn, it is sought to feed the information, in a collaborative and integrated way”.

Esparza explained that this procedure is one of the main processes that open the way for Industry 4.0, which allow to generate an information base, which gives greater intelligence to the tools to carry out production.

“The purpose of carrying out this type of work is to develop processes that are shorter and with greater intelligence, so that at the time of making the material, a database is developed, to which everyone has access”.

In addition to this, he explained that the main objective of the content of this information is the collaboration between the engineers, which ends up performing a Big Data, which generates a great cooperation, because it is not only what they digitize, but also the results.

“It is the information that generates engineering, which can be shared with manufacturing, as well as that generated by this department, that is back to engineers and so on, to continue to feed the information.”

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