Siemens’ expansion of its production capacity in Ciudad Juarez will significantly boost its foreign sales.

Siemens Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean have inaugurated ITESA 4, a new manufacturing facility spanning 16,000 m², focused on producing devices for energy measurement and distribution.

With a presence of 130 years in Mexico and nearly four decades in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, the company highlights that the investment of over 300 million pesos is aimed at meeting the demand of the North American market, particularly in the residential sector. Alejandro Preinfalk, President and CEO of Siemens in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, stated, “Through initiatives like the one we are presenting today, we will continue to collaborate as a strategic partner of Mexico to strengthen its position as a leader in digital, secure, and sustainable electrification.”

Over four implementation phases, scheduled to conclude by the end of next year, four product assembly lines will be installed and six will be relocated, specializing in manufacturing processes (CNC stamping, metal bending, welding, and painting) for metallic components and aluminum bars. As a result, a double-digit increase in export operations is anticipated. “We have estimated that this productive expansion will boost our exports by 16%, allowing us to meet the demand of our primary market,” emphasized Rolando Calderón, Manufacturing Director in the region.

María Angélica Granados, Secretary of Innovation and Economic Development of the State, emphasized the economic impact of the project and the over 260 associated direct job opportunities: “Siemens’ expansion will create employment, benefiting hundreds of families […] The development of labor skills in the manufacturing industry adds value; it’s about skilled labor […]”.

During the opening ceremony, Mayor Cruz Pérez highlighted the pivotal role played by the human factor in the area’s economic and industrial processes: “Juárez is an industrial powerhouse thanks to its people; it’s the talent and capacity of its population that place the city in a prominent position nationally and internationally”.

Marco Cosío, Vice President of Siemens’ Smart Infrastructure business, stated: “We are committed to redefining our boundaries and transforming our processes to lead the electrification of homes, industries, and communities”.

According to the company, this investment supplements other recent announcements, bringing the total investment to approximately 2.2 billion pesos and creating more than 1,000 direct jobs.