Choose from our castable and pressable wax-ups materials or our direct metal printing alloys to quickly and economically produce crowns, bridges, veneers, partials and frames. Manufacture precision working models in stone-like materials, orthodontic thermoforming models in durable plastics and drill guides with bio-compatible and transparent materials.




Castable and pressable Wax-ups

Direct metal printing alloys

Stone-like materials

Bio-compatible – metal alloy materials

Transparent materials

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ProX DMP 320 ·
ProX DMP 200 Dental ·
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Castable and pressable Wax-ups materials      

  • VisiJet M3 Dentcast (MJP):Wax-up castable and pressable material
  • VisiJet FTX Cast (Micro-SLA):Wax and plastic hybrid for delicate castings
  • VisiJet FTX Green (MicroSLA):Tough castable plastic

Direct metal printing alloys materials

  • LaserForm CoCr (B) and (C): Highly corrosion and wear resistant, suitable for biomedical

Stone-like materials    

  • VisiJet M2R-TN (Dental): High precision stone-like dental models
  • VisiJet M3 Pearlstone (MJP):Solid stone appearance
  • VisiJet SL e-Stone (SLA):Accurate and durable dental model material
  • Accura e-Stone (SLA):Accurate and durable dental model material

Bio-compatible- Metal alloy materials

  • LaserForm CoCrF75 (A): Highly corosion, wear and heat resistant. Biocompatible
  • LaserForm Ti Gr23 (A):High strength, low weight, excellent biocompatibility – lower Oxygen than Gr5

Transparent materials

  • VisiJet M3 Stoneplast (MJP): USP Class VI capable plastic, translucent or stone finish
  • Accura ClearVue (SLA):High clarity plastic, multitude of applications

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