Perfect for capturing small objects or intricate details of large industrial objects in high resolution.

The best structured light 3D scanner

Capturing speed
16 FPS
3D resolution
±0.1 mm
Texture resolution
1.3 mp
High accuracy
±0.05 mm

ARTEC SPACE SPIDER main advantages for your company:

  • High-resolution 3D scanner: industrial 3D Scanner for high resolution capturing of objects such as molding parts, PCBs, keys, coins or even a human ear, followed by the export of the final 3D model to CAD software.
  • Blue Light technology: for CAD users and engineers, It is perfect for capturing small objects or intricate details of large industrial objects in high resolution, with steadfast accuracy and brilliant color.
  • Artec Studio 15 Integration: smart and easy 3D data post-processing software.
  • Portable: link up the 0.85 kg 3D scanner to a tablet and the Artec battery pack, which provides up to 6 hours of power, and you can scan practically anywhere, even in areas where there is no source of electricity.
  • No targets & calibration: just point and shoot: No need for preparation, just plug in the scanner and point it around the object as you would with a video camera.
  • Applications: offers almost unlimited possibilities in areas such as reverse engineering, quality control, product design and manufacturing.

Precision at your fingertips, 2 year warranty.

The scanner’s ability to render complex geometry, sharp edges and thin ribs sets our technology apart., the technology has been honed to perfection to ensure the best possible quality of scans and a truly robust device.

Certified Partner

Why with Goaltech

Goaltech team of technicians is certified by Artec 3D as experts in the use and handling of the ARTEC SPACE SPIDER 3D scanner to offer high value services.


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