Biesse Group implements digital transformation with Teamcenter

Product: Teamcenter
Industry: Industrial Machinery

A company that digitally transforms successfully becomes a digital enterprise

Digital transformation refers to the adoption of data and digital solutions for business activities and processes. It engages people with digital workflows to promote the full advantage of technology investments across an organization. Digital transformation is more than just replacing manual processes with digital processes – the expected outcomes are cultural change and the adoption of re-imagined processes that take full advantage of well-defined digital strategies.

Global leader in processing machines and systems

Biesse Group is a global leader in wood, glass, stone, plastic, and metal processing technology. Biesse Group’s investments in research and development total €14 million annually, and the company has more than 200 registered patents. The company has 12 industrial sites, 39 subsidiaries, 300 agents and selected resellers, and a 90 percent export share. Founded in Pesaro in 1969 by Giancarlo Selci, the company has been listed in the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange since 2001. The current global workforce is 4,100 employees.

Biesse Group is gradually transforming from a machinery and system manufacturer to an organization that offers a wider portfolio of innovative services, helping customers who join the Biesse world to increase their productivity and performance.

Biesse Group identificó la tecnología PLM como un pilar del proceso de transformación digital.


  • Digitize, optimize and improve the quality of product development projects
  • Deliver product information to all stakeholders in different business areas and roles
  • Implement a single source of data to feed other applications (ERP, IoT) automatically

Key to Success

Implement Teamcenter as a scalable PLM platform integrated with other enterprise systems

Italian manufacturer of processing machinery implements digital transformation with Teamcenter


  • Established a unified platform to manage and share product information
  • Structured information to support searching and browsing
  • Reduced CAD data management time
  • Reduced product technical information retrieval time by 10 to 20 percent

With Teamcenter, we found a solution that offered all the capabilities we needed. The platform is open to future extension towards other modules and applications, so it offers solid confidence in the long term.

Davide Andreatini, Technical Manager, Machining Center Business Unit, Wood Division Biesse Group