Hydrauvision tcreate more detailed designs and enhance simulation accuracy with Siemens PLM

Hydrauvision specializes in producing hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical drives and systems for a variety of industries, including industrial machinery and heavy equipment, petrochemical, offshore and dredging, offshore infrastructure, and marine.

To make sure that its hydraulic units can stand up to strong demands, rugged environments and meet international standards, Hydrauvision selected Solid Edge® software and Femap™ software, both from Siemens PLM Software.

Hydrauvision uses Solid Edge for design as well as simulation.

“We’ve found that Solid Edge enables us to do a much more detailed design than was possible in the past,” says van’t Westeinde. “In addition to the core product, we use several add-ons that really help us, including for sheet metal design, piping and simulation. We try to design by including every detail, such as fasteners, to exclude delays in the production process due to design errors.

“Femap is an excellent tool for structural analysis,” says van’t Westeinde. “It is a reliable way to validate the product, gain certification and build confidence with the customer that the unit will perform as expected.”


  • Reduce number of physical prototypes
  • Provide customers with confidence that hydraulic units will withstand strenuous demands and rugged conditions
  • Certify that units meet international standards


  • Use Solid Edge and add-ons such as XpresRoute, sheet metal design and simulation to create more detailed design
  • Reduce time needed to manufacture hydraulic units
  • Use Femap to enhance accuracy of simulation results


  • Reduced number of prototypes by 80 percent
  • Confirmed reliability and accuracy of virtual results
  • Provided customers with increased confidence in hydraulic unit performance


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