Muses quickly bring its unique urban friendly vehicle to market with NX

Muses: Integrated design-through-manufacturing solution is key factor in cutting cycle time


“The Mooville is much more than an electric car; it is a concept that will change the way people get around in the city,” says Patrick Souhait, general director at Muses. The company has dedicated several models to transportation services that will be built on a unique platform, with the first models to be used to deliver parcels and transport a limited number of passengers.

Vehicle development has been fast. “Thanks to the ease of use and operational efficiency of NX, we were able to roll out our first vehicle only six months after research began,” notes Souhait. “We’ve already presented the vehicle at the Geneva International Motor Show/SITL (Semaine Internationale du Transport et de la Logistique) in Paris and at HANNOVER, MESSE in Germany.”

Muses uses NX™ software from Siemens PLM Software to quickly bring its unique urban friendly vehicle to market. “NX is a great product development tool,” says Luc Michel, Muses’ president. “We have been designing successful products using Siemens PLM Software technology for nearly 20 years. I am very familiar with NX and it’s a real asset to deliver a new generation of urban vehicles. However, three of the seven designers in our research department had never used NX before this project, but they were able to be highly productive after only two months of inhouse training. Most importantly, use of NX allows our team to focus on the job at hand and enabled us to develop the first model of our compelling, new electrical vehicle, the Mooville, within six months.


  • Understanding customers’ problems and goals
  • Delivering innovation quickly
  • Significantly reducing customers’ engineering efforts
  • Accelerating supply chain communications

Success Keys

  • Complete control from project inception
  • Global collaboration
  • Industrial and mechanical design processes using same data
  • Ease of use, advanced visualization, flexibility – NX product development software


  • Saving customers on average 50 percent to 60 percent of engineering effort
  • Delivering strategic design in weeks versus months
  • Providing customers better quality of design options
  • Enabling absolute proficiency throughout customers’ supply chains
  • Delivering extraordinary brand continuity and innovation