Mission Driven Machines: Industrial machines are tasked every day with producing products that consumers enjoy. The machines you build are complex, must operate at a high level and must be put into service quickly so you can optimize your margins.

Exact heavy equipment: Heavy equipment manufacturers must build high performance equipment, high quality and easy maintenance. The only way to do this is to integrate manufacturing process planning with design and engineering to avoid subsequent errors and optimize production.

Heavy Equipment Builder Collaboration: Heavy equipment manufacturers face challenges with ever-increasing regulations, globalization, configurations, and software and electronics requirements. To address these challenges, we provide a unified and open lifecycle system that enables collaborative manufacturing across all manufacturing and product development organizations globally.

Advanced Machinery Engineering for Industrial Machinery: Machine manufacturers face the construction of smarter machines, more complex products, great customization, low margins and quick market release. Our PLM solutions address these issues by enabling advanced mechanical engineering to virtually design, build and commission machines in the production plant on an accelerated basis.