HC Bio-S quickly design high quality fxtures and jigs for small volume with Siemens PLM

HC Bio-S uses Siemens PLM Software solution to quickly design high quality fxtures and jigs for small volume, customized production

Specializing in R&D and production of implantable medical devices, HC Bio-S is the frst company with the capability to develop, design and manufacture dental implants in Taiwan, and has obtained GMP certifcation, US FDA certifcation, and Europe’s’ CE certifcation. Since 2013, the company’s focus includes the development of artifcial orthopedic implants.

Currently, about half of the company’s products are manufactured directly on turning and milling machines programmed with CAM Express. The other half require tooling in the form of fixtures, jigs and stamping dies, which are also manufactured with CAM Express. Frank Lin explains, “To make a proof within the shortest time possible has always been what we expect from CAM Express. Thanks to the extensive technical experience of Siemens PLM Software and CADEX consultants, we have been able to accomplish our mission in less time.”


  • Cut bone-plate processing time by one third and significantly improve productivity

Claves de Éxito

  • CAM Express to improve customization capability
  • Strong support from Siemens PLM Software partner CADEX Technology
  • Easy-to-use software interface


  • Time needed to process one customized bone plate reduced from six hours to two hours
  • Simulation prevented potential collisions
  • Customization substantially improved with ability to quickly and skillfully adjust parameter setting and jig


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