Featured Solutions

Implementation of Program Innovation: Emissions and fuel consumption regulations, software and electronics growth in vehicles, and global growth are driving a major shift in vehicle technologies.

Predictable Launch: Launching a modern car program is a very complex process transformed by four major industry trends.

Model-Based Program Execution: An integrated, comprehensive solution for automotive parts suppliers to improve overall program performance, implement faster and earlier validation, and optimize systems and products and reduce the risks that accompany A project when new technologies and products are introduced in the market.

Integrated Manufacturing: A complete solution for the automotive industry that aims to provide manufacturers with the management of power train manufacturing, paint ready bodies and final assembly processes on a global scale.

Body systems: An approach to the development and manufacture of engineering-based systems for bodies – including the use of composites – from an anticipated concept of the vehicle to the development and production of engineering.

Systems for interiors: Capturing the definition of a complete digital product is essential for engineers to design and manufacture innovative interior seats and components in all types of automotive transport.

Electronics and software (mechatronics): Electronic multi-area solution that integrates software-driven systems with mechanical functions, electrical wiring and electronic controls into a single source of product and process knowledge.

Propulsion systems: Product development through closed circuits and driven by systems for the lifecycle of propulsion systems, from initial development to production, service and technical support.


Automotive OEMs: Developing systems-driven products based on Siemens PLM Software products and solutions help automotive OEMs to build the right product in the right way.

Trucks, buses & Specialty Vehicles: Extensive virtual prototyping helps truck and bus manufacturers to solve design problems and avoid successive prototype tests.

Motorcycles, bicycles & parts: Advanced design, simulation and test tools help motorcycle and SUV manufacturers find the right balance between functional performance, brand and experience in driving motorcycles and bicycles.

Rail Systems: Simulation and test solutions will help you optimize rail system designs in terms of performance and comfort and reduce impact on the environment.