Aerospace & Defense

Featured Solutions

Integrated Program Planning & Execution: Improved program performance and productivity through business process modernization and project management technologies.

Verification Management: Our solution improves program performance by ensuring the initial compliance of requirements by reusing proven processes and providing complete tracking from requirements to product, test article and results.

Product Realization: Run all the design work with a single CAD solution and exchange data with customers and suppliers in a neutral format, to optimize the use of resources and meet the changing demands of your customers.

Additive Design & Manufacturing: An aerospace manufacturing solution that improves the quality of the products and optimizes the integration between the production and the production plant so that the products materialize quickly and economically.

Industry Segments

Aerospace & Defense agencies: Relationships between defense agencies and technology partners are the key to managing programs to make the right decisions.

Aircrafts & Airframes: Manage fuselage systems in an integrated digital environment throughout the product life cycle.

Aircraft Engines: Compounds have become the preferred material in aircraft engine components because they provide several benefits, including weight reduction and better performance.

Avionics & Defense Electronics: The continued growth of most segments of the aerospace industry indicates that it will increase reliance on avionics and software developers to create competitive products for manufacturers and operators who need greater innovation in avionics and electronic systems.

Space Systems: Space systems manufacturers face the same challenge – building lightweight spacecraft and meeting strict launch times.