ADS International move from virtual CAD prototypes to analysis and simulation

Using Femap helps ADS International move from virtual CAD prototypes to analysis and simulation

ADS International is a private company working in the field of telescope, radio telescope and astronomic instruments design and production.

“From the beginning, Femap showed a profitable cost/benefit ratio,” notes Lazzarini. “Using Femap, we can import geometry from any 3D format, helping us quickly switch from a virtual prototype to the FEM model with a consistently accurate import process.”

Once the finite element model (FEM) is available, ADS engineers can prepare a numerical simulation in just a few steps. “Femap is efficient during the actual simulation because it enables us to leverage the potential of multi-core and multi-processor machines, at no additional cost, using ultra-fast solving,” says Lazzarini. “This was definitely a strong point in the selection of the software.”

ADS adopted Femap and accepted the challenge of revisiting ten years of experience and projects developed with ANSYS, which is still in use. “Femap has given us excellent results,” says Lazzarini. “We have already expanded our use of this software, adding an advanced dynamics module to develop an interferometer for INAF. Using this new module, we can analyze the dynamic behavior of the interferometer, highlighting significant flaws in the previous design that were previously unknown, even to the manufacturer. We can identify them immediately with Femap.”


  • Meet unique customer requirements rapidly
  • Ensure precision manufacturing
  • Move from CAD prototypes to analysis and simulation

Claves de Éxito

  • Use CAD-neutral finite element analysis
  • Process data on multi-core machines


  • Cut processing time by 30 percent
  • Significantly accelerated translation of 3D CAD models
  • Notably improved program costs/benefits


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